I intend to buy one soon.
But, I was wondering if anyone had an input before I go ahead and purchase it.
I'm not into any metal or anything; but in terms of a clean tone, or distorted tone, I want to know if this guitar is reliable and versatile. I've read all sorts of summaries and all about this, but nothing first hand. I'm a huge fan of Straylight Run and Brand New, and both bands have used this guitar at some point. So I figure it should be alright.
But I'm just looking for opinions.
I'm looking at $600 right now. I found a badass deal.
I've been looking at that guitar myself. I think it's very versatile. semi hollow with humbuckers give it a great blend of tones. You can still get that bit of "twang" with it or with some OD abit more modern tone. The one I looked at was $600 also, but i gotta get the ML first. Maybe next year.
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my favorite guitar. look into a MIJ though. even better than MIA.

mim is good though.
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