looking to buy a new guitar with EMG's for the heavier hardcore stuff i play..

which do you think is best..so far everyone has said the Hellraiser pwns!
I was really underwhelmed by the Hellraiser C-1 I just returned to Musician's friend. The EMG's didn't really work for me. I compared them to my SG 61 Reissue's 57 Classics, and the 57s blew them away as far as power and clarity.

I love my Schecter C-1 Blackjack, but that's got passive Duncans.

Just my take...
I love the Hellraiser. The new ones come with 81TW and 89's for coil tapping. I would go with Schecter(Hellraiser or otherwise) they are truly great guitars. Mine sounds great.
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I'd say the Prophecy. Same quality and same features as the other two, but cheaper.
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ESP. For me the neck profile is more comfortable. It's thinner than other two...
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I have the new Schecter with the EMG coil taps (btw, how is that done?) and its amazing, you can get strat style cleans if you split the neck pup and put it on clean, and its just incredibly versatile. Go for the Hellraiser. ONLY IF IT HAS THE TAPS

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Wow when the hell did these Prophecy series guitars come around?...They're pretty awesome for the money...I'd take one of them over a Gibson any day, unless of course Gibson has a Prophecy line too that I'm not familiar with