what style of music do you play, and what equipment/settings do you use to get your tone? im just curious.

-i play mostly metal/hardcore

- i have an esp m200FM guitar, fender FM 212 R Amp, and the only effect i use is a boss DD-6 digital delay.

Guitar- vol-10
Pick-Ups- bridge for chug-chug heavy rhythm parts neck for riffs and sweeping parts
Amp- drive 10 treble 10 mid 8 (mid contour on) bass 9

Guitar- vol- 8
Pick-ups- neck pickup always
Amp- treble 10 mid 7 bass 8
i play alotta hardcore, but alot more metal, prog stuff

mesa triple rectifier (doesn't have numbers)
gibson sg special

modern distortion setting(on the amp) i use channel 3...if any1 cares lol

presence-not quite all the way say 8-9ish
mid-like...idk 6-7?
bass- 5-6ish
volume-the louder the better

my clean tone is still being tweaked...lol

'08 Ibanez S5470 Prestige
Gibson SG Special - discontinued teal finish
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier
4x12 Mesa Oversized Slanted Cab
iSP Decimator
i accually like the sg special better than the sg standard. the standard isnt worth the extra money. i play a little prog. not like dream theater prog. but i can play turn soonest to the sea by protest the hero, intro to selkies (between the buried and me), and the intro to alaska (between the buried and me)