Alright so I've started taking up the hobby of playing guitar obviously since I've been posting here and I started around March 1 this year, so a little over two months I've been playing. I just want to kind of know what you think of my progress and what I should do to improve. I have NOT had any teacher or real lessons of sort, I've learned everything I know from reading this site, other online lessons, looking and practicing tabs, and my fairly good knowledge in rock and metal music. I just want to know if this would be good progress for somebody playing for 2 months without a teacher and what I can do to improve. I will most likely be signing up for lessons though at my local guitar shop this summer if I can fit that in, I work and will be going to college next year. Well anyway here's what I can do,

-I can play the intro to Crazy Train flawlessly as that's what I've kind of practiced learning to do since Day 1
-I can play a power chord on different frets like you'd hear in some pop punk or alt rock song at a good rhythm but I'm HORRIBLE at keeping a good flowing sound while switching from one chord to another
-I'm decent at picking as I can actually pull off a few solos like Slow Ride by Foghat but an average classic rock solo like something from Black Sabbath is way too tough for me
-I can tap but it's all one string at a time
-Tough for me to make a clean sound when I'm moving up and down the neck a lot as I miss my finger positions or I'll maybe hit the wrong fret on one stroke
-NOT GOOD AT UPSTROKES (ya pretty nooby)
-I know a few scales and practice those every once in a while but I don't understand the benefit at knowing them
-And to clarifly I have ZERO knowledge of music theory but I can understand basic easy stuff like chord progressions

So is that where you'd expect somebody to be after 2 months or is that behind or ahead of what you'd expect. And no matter what it is, any advice on what to do to improve
the benefit of knowing them (those scales u know)is learning them and incorporating them in ur playing or parts of the scale...ya know lol

plus its good pickin practice and such

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I've been playing a little over a year without any real lessons and I'd say I was about where you are at 2 months. One suggestion I have is make sure you know your open chords. Also keep practicing moving around with power chords and maybe try some bar chords.
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Scales, Scales, Scales! These things are what you make solos out of, you take those notes, along with root notes and make solos, riffs, and what not. They also help with your fingers, and getting them to work right.

I would say you are doing ok, but it takes a while to get basics down. Just practice everything you are, and try looking up more lessons. Dave weiner Has a riff of the week lesson, it's free, and it's on youtube, it might give you some idea's and really help push you to the next level.

Just remember practice makes perfect
Here is some very basic music theory to start with. This is an easy way to learn which chords go together. Anyway, to start, each key has 8 notes (duh). The major progression is...

I (w) ii (w) iii (h) IV (w) V (w) vi (w) vii diminished (h) I

Where capital is major, lower case is minor, and the vii is diminished

(w) is whole step (2 frets) and (h) is half step (1 fret)

In A major the notes are A B C# D E F# D#, so

A (w) Bm (w) C#m (h) D (w) E (w) F#m (w) G#diminished (h)

So this is A major, or F# minor

Let me know if you need anything else
Oh yeah, learn to alternate pick. Everytime you don't you are just hurting yourself in the long run.
Oh I'm totally comfortable with alternate picking individual strings but when I'm strumming or playing a chord or strumming upstrokes are tough for me