So i decided its about time to get into more complex theory and to start memorizing the notes on a fretboard, and after an hour or so of destroying my pacifica i taped scotch tape to the frets (up till 12th) and put the natural notes (no shaprs or flats) on em. What kinda sucks though is that it looks pretty ****ty, and its hard to see the notes, so i was wondering if a) there was some crazy manufacturer who has the notes inlayed on the neck b) if this is the best way to memorize notes, and if not how you did it/planning to do it.
Thanks in advance
Don't do that. An excellent method is "name the notes". Say you're playing a scale, name them as you go along. A-B-C-D-ect. and backwards. Then try to sight-read some stuff in different positions, easy stuff. You'll have it in no time. I learned the fretboard FLUENTLY in 4 months approximately, it's well worth it.

EDIT: also, there's a thing called Fretboard Warrior. It didn't help me because I already learned the fretboard when I found this, but maybe it'll help you .
hehe cheers, i was quite upset at how it looked, glad i can take it off now
Yea, onevision's way to do it I think is pretty common,Besides, it's pretty much what you're doing with the tape and stuff. except you don't have to massacre your guitar. Anyway, This takes a while if you don't stick with it, but after a while of practicing your scales like this, you'll know the scales as well as the notes! i think that's a good way to go.
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Print A-G on dots on stickers, print it on whatever crazy neon colors
or whatever skulls, flames, chicks design.
It'll have a plastic layer on top so the acid on your hand dosn't erase the ink.

In the mean time...do you have a binder hole puncher ?
Have your secutary or sister type letters on those folder label sticker
and just punch them out.

Put scotch tape over the sticker after you type the letters...than
punch the dots.
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