hey just had a quick question...so i usually put my capo on the first fret and tune my guitar down to standard when i want to get my guitar a half step down..so in my logic would it make sense to put the capo on the 2nd fret in order to tune it down a whole step? hopefully i figured that right..thanks!!!!!
Normally you wouldn't tune down to standard, but if you want to tune your guitar a half step down you'll have to do exactly that. Putting a capo on the first fret while you're in standard tuning will effectively give you an F standard tuning, so I'm not sure what you're trying to say.
I do believe he's saying that in order to tune half a step down, he puts a capo on the first fret, and then tunes the guitar to E Standard with the capo on. Then, once the capo is removed, your tuned half a step down from E standard (Eb Standard? I dunno what it's called, i just say half a step down).

So yes, put your capo on the 2nd fret, tune to standard and then remove the capo and you will be tuned down a full step.

May I ask how you usually tune your guitar? Because, while your method works, it seems to me like its adding an unnecessary step to the tuning process (using a capo). If your using a tuner you should be able to just tune it a full step down using that. If you tune to a piano or pitch fork, similar thing applies, just the notes are at different frets.
As johnos said, your tuning method works in theory but is adding an unnecessary step to the process.
thanks for the help guys.....and yep johnos had it right about my "technique" lol but honestly that really has always been the way i've done it and i really have never thought about it...i guess i never thought about an easier way
Don't even need the tuner, the capo method works as well, but you could just relative tune by shifting your finger up a fret (standard, plus one). Has the same effect as the capo, but I would think it saves time.