So I switched to using a smaller pick size mainly because its easier to do pinch harmonics with but I have been like missing a lot of notes. I am not used to the size of the pick and I am considering of going back to using my bigger ones because I can play more accurate and faster and not worry about missing notes and screwing up that much, but then I wont be able to do pinch harmonics. I'm not sure what do right now any advice?
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practice pinch harmonics more


buy a zakk wylde epiphone, you'll have trouble not doing them
Ummm.... Practice and get used to it?
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You don't even necessarily have to use small picks. You will get used to them if you keep using them, but don't feel compelled to use them if you dont want to. You can do just fine with a standard sized pick, just ask Rusty Cooley.

As for PHs, just keep practicing.
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Picks are just a matter of taste. Personally I always liked one that's not too thick or thin.