so i want to build a footswitch for my ds2.
i have a DPDT switch, a jack, enclosure, wire,
juts wondering how the switch is wired up to the jack?

please help

if some one could please help.
it would be realy apreciated, a please incude if i need to wired poles together
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here a picture of the things i have, made on ms paint, just to let yous know what it looks like,


i had one of these that i had ready to put together, but never got round to. i just cut the end of a old lead, and touched the wires against random poles on the switch while plugged into the remote on the pedal, untill it switch modes. thats how i did it. u can tell when it changes modes cause the background noise changes
just try each combination of the poles on the switch, ad one of them will change the pedal. this will be where u need to solder the wires to. now if u press the switch, the pedal should switch back.
hmm didn't work, but i shall give it another go tomorrow, beacsue im not feeling well at all so yeah =[ thanks for you help,
if you tryed every combination, then try pressing the switch and repeating this process. im sure theres a diagram which shows what pole does what but yeh..