After about 2 hours of research tonight, I finally found the solution to my fret buzzing. I dont have much experience when it comes to adjusting things so I held of on messing with the truss rod and now I am very glad. For those of you who have a s470 and you are experiencing fret buzz, adjusting the bridge is what fixed my problem. Located on each side of the tremelo system there are 2 hex nuts with a allen screw stud ran through the center, it's the same size as the ones you have to loosen to change your strings. Tightening these raises your guitar strings more than you can raise them with the spring tensioner and loosening them of course lowers the strings. The only problem is that I am so used to playing with such a low action that once I had no fret buzz the strings seemed way to high for my liking so I lowered them a bit. Using the spring tentioner I kinda tweaked it to where I got a action that suits my liking with very little buzz. I hope this helps.
You realise that you should just adjust the truss rod right? When you raise your bridge you raise your action alot. You really should just adjust the truss rod correctly.
lol, shows how much I know huh... If the guitar is keeping tune do you think it is really necessary? I bought it new like 2 1/2 - 3 years ago. I tried to kinda eyeball it from the head of the guitar and it seems to be pretty straight looking, but I have only been playing since I got it so I really have no clue. I have great intonation so I figured it was ok.
If you like playing it like that and the intonation is fine there isnt really a problem.

But your neck is obviously where the buzz is coming from, necks should have a slight bow forwards somewhere around the headstock end of the neck. If you hold down the 1st fret and the fret that joins the body (probably around the 15th, 17th fret) you should be able to see a slight gap between the 8th fret and the string. If not, your truss rod probably needs adjusting.
Thanks for the info I just looked at it and compared it to a few other guitars and noticed that it does have a slight bow, Thank God! I didn't want to have to tamper with the truss rod haha. Everytime I touch something on that guitar I'm afraid it wont be like its suppose to.
You should probably adjust your truss rod and lower your action. adjusting your truss rod is about a 2 minute job, yo just tighten it until it is perfectly straight (check it with a straight edge.) it takes very little turning, start with like a quarter or eighth turn.