Hey guys I've been thinking about getting a new distortion pedal since I can't get a nice tube amp at this stage.

I'm looking for a nice metal pedal. The pedals I've been considering are ehx metal muff and a robert keeley modded metal zone. I went and tried the metal muff today but I didn't think it was all that great and it was a bit too trebly x.x I didn't really have too much time to mess around with it though, so I'll prob go back and try it again next week.

Also I've tried my friend's unmodded metal zone with my mxr distortion+ into a fender frontman25R, with a fender strat squier (yep thats all i got lol) and i really liked the sound i got from it (especially the palm mute sound). So maybe a modded metal zone is my choice?

Obviously I'm leaning more towards the metal zone atm but what do you guys recommend (seeing as many UGers aren't a metal zone fan hah)?
im a muff fan boy so disregard my comment if you wish but i reckon when you dial it in right you can get a hearty low end from the metal muff. A friend of mine also has an mt-2 which where both not crazy about :p
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i've always been curious about the modded mt-2.

you should get it just because.. XD
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If you couldn't get a very similar, if not better sound out of the muff, then you seriously fail at EQing. Why spend twice the price of a muff on a MT-2, when you are 3/4 of the way to a small tube amp that will sounds awesome with your MXR
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Save... it hurts i know but pedal buying sucks amp funds which would be wayyy better
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Actually the price of the mt-2 from robertkeeley's site is almost the same price as the muff over here so thats why i was trying to choose between the two lol. But yea i will go try the muff again.

i guess i'll wait for a few more opinions first lol

Also about a tube amp - i actually thought about saving for one but i only play in my bedroom so i can't really get anything with high wattage. If i was to get one though, which amp with low wattage should i get (i'd like something with lots of gain and nice cleans buts thats prob asking for too much out of a small amp lol)?

And btw thx for the reply guys
well theres the valve king for a start which is going to be a big improvement over any (well most) transitor amp and some of the hybrid amps are quite cool
What do you have now?
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i got a fender frontman 25R at the moment lol. The cleans aren't too bad but theres not much gain on it