I have $300 to spend and need a new amp. i play metal,(megadeth, pantera, death).

Any suggestions?

I heard a b-52 would be good but i dont have $1000 to blow on an amp.
With $300, you can't get anything really ballsy sounding for live performances. But with a combo amp from a company like Line6 or Randall, you can probably fake it in studio and sound decent in small shows and practices.

Check out the Spider series from Line6. I've heard bad things about the Spider III, but I have a Spider II and I love it. I can get tone's from a lot of good metal bands. I just found the formula for Mark Tremonti's clean sound tonight, actually.

I also depends on the guitar you use, and the pickups it has in it. More info would be appreciated.

That's exactly what I've been trying to say.

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Valve Junior and an overdrive pedal
or get 100$ more for the peavey valveking
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I just found the formula for Mark Tremonti's clean sound tonight, actually.

And of course you're going to share this with us...

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peavey valveking plus digitech bad monkey

you'l need like 200 more dollars but it'll be worth it

trust me i wanted a tube amp, bought a cheap but "100 watt" solid state (so awesome i was thinking) and was thoroughly disappointed. i returned it and saved up a bit for a fender hot rod deluxe and now my life is near perfect

tube's are significantly worth it

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.