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as far I can walk/bike w/my guitar/bass
12 22%
>5 miles
10 18%
>10 miles
14 25%
> 15 miles
19 35%
Voters: 55.
I'm trying to put together a a garage band but I don't have wheels to move my drums so i was wonder how far is like a reasonable distance to go jam/practice with some 1?

The ppl i'm trying to talking to are 17-18.
Just because I play the drums doesn't mean I suck at guitar, or ams that I's iz stoopidz.

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Nothing past 10 miles probably. It depends on a lot of things. Such as how dedicated your members are, how passionate they are, if they can afford it and do it on weekly basis, etc.
I know I could walk ten to jam, I've done it before, 15 isn't that much more...like another hour or so walking. I think 15 can be done, but it just seems like a bit much, I vote 10.
if it's a serious band, I'd be willing the travel upwards of an hour for a long practice once a week, so 40-50 miles max. Mind you, I have a car.
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i plan on it being serious. I put up a flyer @ my local music shop(not guitar center) and then i hit up musician finder but I only contacted ppl 3 miles away. reading this i'm gonna push for 10 miles now.
Just because I play the drums doesn't mean I suck at guitar, or ams that I's iz stoopidz.

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For your age group, I'd say about 10-15 miles.

I currently drive about 17, sometimes 20, depending on whether we rehearse at our space, or if we have a "split" rehearsal where we basically go acoustic in one of our singers basements.


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I go 10-15 miles for practice.
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My drummer is in school about an hour and a half from the rest of us, luckily our hometown is pretty much smack-dab in the middle so we all drive about 45-60 minutes to practice every week. It's about 40 miles from Boston, bit further from the dummer's school.
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haha, I drive almost 2 hours to practice.
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That sucks bro, all the members in my band expect the drummer have a 5 minute drive to band practice. Everyone but the drummer because we practice at this house.
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i voted 10 miles although it really depends where you live.
if you live in a huge city i'd be willing to drive a lot more then if i lived in a small town,.
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I go around 8 miles (~15-20min depending on traffic) to practice and we practice sporadically--sometimes 3 jams in one week, sometimes one jam in 3 months. Depends on school and such
holy shiite! problem solved, i found a band with their own pro gear and studio practically right down the street xD

its seriously a fifteen minute bike ride
Just because I play the drums doesn't mean I suck at guitar, or ams that I's iz stoopidz.

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For real? 2 of the members in my band drive an hour and some to practice twice a week. It all depends if you're in it for keeps, I guess. If you think you've got the perfect guys, you'll drive for hours to practice.
The lead guitarist in my old band used to travel over 50 miles to come to practice, and now im in a band thats spread out like god knows what, i live about 40 miles away from 2 of members, who live 20 odd miles in the over direction from the other 2 :L

But i live up in shetland, so really you need to do this or else you cant succeed!
i used to go around 10.

it depends if youre just havin a jam, or if you're really going for it.
I'd stretch to around 20 miles, but more that, and i couldn't afford to travel so much
but if I had a car I'd go further
everyone lives within 5 miles of the practice spot.

I'd only be willing to drive about 15-20 minutes
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I travel 30+ mins by car for band practice twice a week, about 10k's

Why? Because my band mates are awesome and we're just about to hit the road on our first tour...I would not however, go further than 10miles for a brand new band with no songs/members...

So it's kinda down to the situation...
If transport isn't an issue, then a reasonable distance to travel is whatever distance you're willing to travel.
It'll probably be a different distance for everybody.