Here's my bands new song...it's still going through some changes before we record. Tell me what you think, and I'd love to hear any suggestions, ideas, or advice. I'll also give C4C for what its worth.
that was awesome man, the intro was a bit hard to follow which is cool, but the chugg section that followed was less impressive. you have great melodic stuff but as it was getting through i was starting to wonder where the 'death' was.

then came the odd timings, love that kinda stuff really cool, especially with experimenting with the 4/4 drums. the bit at the end was my favourite but it finished very abrupt from that, try build on the final riff there and im sure youll bridge off a great offshoot riff easily enough.

mind checking out mine? same kinda thing i think.
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Some suggestions, At 11/16 4/4 time that part doesn't fit at all. Maybe add a clean part with the open notes as the rhythm. wut u got so far is Great 8/10 finished song should be mind bottling lol. btw... crit 4 crit https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=846927

Personally i think the 11/16 4/4 riff did fit. but maybe JT is way more of a music nerd then me. he might be right but i think its fine
dude that was ****ing dope.
i liked the 9/8 over 4/4 and 11/16 over 4/4. dope style. the intro was pure style.
the only part i didnt really like was the slide out from 12 at end... im guessing thats temp until u finish though.
good stuff man wanna hear it when its done.
(also breakdown could have had a more interesting chug pattern)
The ending was a bit strange and the opening was a bit too Disney for me, but the rest was awesome. 8.5/10
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