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The second example.
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the second one too
According to wiki FAP really stands for familial adenomatous polyposis, a type of colon cancer.
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The First one
Free Beer?

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Always use the second one.
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use the 2nd one cuz almost all uses it....

the first one is for noobs haha
Well look at it from a theory heads point of veiw:

G Major Triad is G B D

First Chord is from low to high: GBDGBG
Second Chord Low to High is: GBDGDG

So really it depends if you want to favour the 5th or 3rd

Personally if i was gonna do a key change i'd use the 5th if not i'd use the 3rd cause i'm cool like that
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I use second one as well. Mainly because it's the one I first learned and it makes it easier to go from that to a D major.
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E|-3- With thumb..

How I do it lazy I know but it lets me mess with dif notes
Second ftw. Does anyone else have the annoying habit of just after you've tuned your guitar, immediately playing a G chord?

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second gives a much better sound if you ask me.
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I used to use the first one because that's how I learnt it initially, but now I've started playing the second one because it comes up in songs alot more.
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dont sweat how quick your progressing, i heard that Jimi hendrix didnt get his legendary guitar skills until he was dead

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First. Second one is overrated.
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I know a good joke:

Women's rights.
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I know a good joke:

Kensai's life.
second one
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Second ftw. Does anyone else have the annoying habit of just after you've tuned your guitar, immediately playing a G chord?

Yupp, that and an E...

Great minds think alike eh?

Or idiots seldom differ....
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i use second but sometimes just use the first and trilll the 3rd on the B string.

when i check volume or tune i play an E chord.
the first one
thats how i was taught
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the second one, but most of the time, i dont play the a string, i just mute it, sounds meatier

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the first one is for noobs haha

I hate the term "noob", but hey, if the shoe fits...

(which it does)
First mainly but I use the second one too
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