ok.. so not REALLY guitar related.. but definitely about gear customizing

I started out with this...
notice the small all rubber v-drum kit. (roland td-6 with some extra pads)

bought some second hand drums from the used section in my newspapers..

stripped em down and began the refinishing..

1 tom i cut in half to gain 2 12" acoustic triggers

bought some parts to mount the whole thing to the rack, and VOILA.

just gotta wire it all up

You can see i also upgraded my kickpedals to 2 single pearl elimnators instead of the old double bass pedal by Dixon.

now to upgrade the module.. :O
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Looks great, check out my drum build (in sig) I'm just having some technical difficulties at the momment
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thanks vandal, i just checked out your build, i was gonna go the practice pad route but they're still pretty loud so i had to switch to mesh.

for anyone interested the costs in upgrades ran me about $350 i'd say to build all that.. including the purchase of tools and stuff to make the building easier.
Grammar and spelling omitted as an exercise for the reader.