now my amp is some generic peice of **** 50 watt solid state. but it does have however send and return inputs next to the input jack.

now i have an od pedal, but i want to know how to run my od, through the fx loop properly.

so how do i do it?
with cables.


but you dont' usually run OD's thru the loop. usually just in the front of the amp straight from the guitar.

any reason why you want to run it thru the loops?
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Why do you want to put an OD in the loop? The FX loop is meant for delay and modulation, not dirt. Just put it before the amp.
why do you put some things through the fx loop, i have only ever put fx between the guitar and amp
the pic theif strikes again

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This is how your amp works...

Your guitar (input) goes into the amp. Your amp does its thing (EQing, distortion, etc). Then this is sent out of your effects loop... where other pedals can do things... and then it is returned back to the amp. Then this is sent through to the speaker(s)/cab. (basic model)

By putting your OD in your loop... you are essentially having your amp do its thing to your guitar signal, and then it is going to overdrive that "end" signal, and this new signal is what you are going to hear. Definitely seems interesting. Though this is not "traditional", I say try it out... if you love it, cool! (but I imagine you will hear it, and never do it again lol)

Typically, modulation effects are put in a loop (like reverb, delay, chorus, etc) because for these sound effects to sound "proper", or how you want, they have to fit after distortion. So for delay (example)..., you want to delay your distorted signal, so it would have to go "after the amp" (ie, effects loop)... because you don't want to delay your signal, and then distort that (which happens if delay is in front of the amp).

How to do this...
But anyway, to do it.... get some cables and your OD pedal. Put a cable in the "send" jack. Hook this into your OD's input jack. Then put a cable in the output jack of your OD. Put the other end of this 2nd cable into the "return" jack (on your amp's effects loop).

Typically, your OD is run before the amp (because you want to pump up and overdrive your signal before it hits the amp). So this is done by just hooking your guitar into your OD, and your OD into your amp. (with other pedals mixed in, etc)
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i was just curious as to see what it would sound like thats all.

and i havent used an effects loup before. and somewhere i read that you had to run it a certain, other than the usual way of guitar>pedal in>pedal out>amp.