My name is sandalhat16 (female) and I've been playing guitar for a few years.

My equipment:

1. Montana Acoustic (Cherry Burst, I think)

2. Squier Stratocaster (Black- like Blackie)

3. Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s Neck (Heritage Cherry Sunburst)

4. Line 6 Spider III 15 watt amp (How eliminate the 'noise' on the metal and insane channels?)

Settings (for those who want to answer my question:


Drive- 5

Bass- 7.5

Mid- 8

Treble- 8

Channel Volume- 10

Master- 3


Neck Volume- 3
Tone- 7

Bridge Volume- 5
Tone- 7
Welcome to UG. If you need assistance with your amp try asking in the Guitar Gear & Accessories forum.