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How much do you practice and how do you push though motivation problems?

I'm 34 and bought my first guitar (acoustic) a couple years ago and about 4 months ago, picked up an electric. With the acoustic I got some dvd lessons, the learn and master guitar series and they've been great for picking up the basics. But they get awfully boring at times. Sometimes you just want to play something other than Minuet and Star Spangled Banner. While going though those lessons (20 total), I've made it though maybe 12 of them. I try to practice at least 4 to 5 times a week and each practice is around 1-2 hours. 2 hours when I'm lucky. I have 2 small kids and it's very hard to find the time to practice. Typically I cannot pick up a guitar until late and then most times I'm so exhausted from work and kids that it's hard to stay motivated though these beginning stages. Also, progress comes slow when I'm only able to practice roughly 6-10 hours a week.

Now that I've got the electric, I've got some renewed energy and feel like I've made significant progress with pentatonic scales and chords. Actually being able to play them at normal song speeds (somewhat). A few months ago, I started to learn some songs, which has also really helped with my motivation and I want to keep playing and playing. The first song I've sat down and learned all the way though is Mississippi Queen which took me a couple weeks to get the rhythm down and a month to get the lead down. I still play it pretty choppy, but I've got it memorized and I've made that at least 15 minutes of my practice. Another thing I've been using to keep me wanting to play more, is trying to improvise on the pentatonic scales in the varying positions. This has been tricky to try to remember where I'm supposed to be at along the fret board, but the sounds I'm finding keep me wanting to practice more.
i do a few warm ups then practice the same song a few times until i got it down without having to look at the tabs
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I try and practice al least 1.5 hours everyday. This amount changes do to time constraints with previous engagements but I usually compensate for that buy practicing more on the weekends. Guitar takes alot of dicipline and patience, keep at it and you'll be fine! Good job learning Mississippi Queen, Mountian rocks!
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i dont practice as such i just kinda play constantly....
high speed noodling whilst watching tv
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I play randomly throughout the day most days ill sit there and play for a few hours take a break maybe eat and then start back
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Generally whenever I have time, been really busy lately. On a good day it could be 4-5hours on a bad day it's 0 hours.
It's not so much practicing as it is just playing around, thinking of riffs and stuff. Anyway, I usually do it for around 3-4 hours a day.
I have children as well, so I can sympathize. I try to practice an hour a day and longer when possible, but lately it's been tough. To many other things that need my attention. As far as motivation goes, I try to put variety in my practice routine. I practice until I get bored, then I move onto something else, moving back and forth. That seems to help fight getting burnt out. Also, playing along with TABS using Guitar Pro on my PC is always gratifying and bennefitial. I'm going to start keeping a journal on my practice as a way to keep a little more focused.
I rarely have the time to practice for 3-6 hours straight. But by the end of the day, I usually play that much accumulatively.
Not enough at the moment! lol I'm trying to revise for my exams...
i have no work, no school, and no mandatory stuff to do so i play about 10 hours a day.
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i have no work, no school, and no mandatory stuff to do so i play about 10 hours a day.

Luck a-hole.

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I practice rarely, which sucks. As for playing, constantly.

BUT every now and then I'll get into "PRACTICE" mood where I start making up crazy time scheduled sheets and **** to stick by... usually it lasts for about a week or two then I'm back to my old ones.

I just play what's fun.
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I practise when I feel like it. Sometimes it's 3-6h/day and sometimes I won't pick up my guitar for days. I've been playing now for about 10 years in many bands and many gigs, but I've never been that much into scale practising or practising others songs and solos note to note. But that's why I'm not the fastest shredder around...

Like above, in practising mood, I just play what's fun.
I just play whenever I can. As a grade 11 I have sh*t loads of homework to do and that sucks. Wish I could practice more. As for the motivation thing, try to play songs that you like or are fun to play :P
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There is a big difference between practicing and playing.

Yes, but ulimately you "play" a guitar and don't "work" one. LOL
I used to have a prob with practice cuz nobody wanted to listen to my ****ty music so Id
have about 1.5 hours a day. that was long ago now all i do is work chill with gf and play guitar which gives me about 7 hours of practice cuz now ppl tell me to play so jus keep it
up trust me staying motivated is hard when you cant find time to play.
I was doing well at getting in 2 hours/day 6-7days weekly but the last few weeks of school have kept me busy. I have my last final tomorrow morning at 9am so after that I have all of summer ahead of me only working 40hours/week so I will have A LOT of free time to practice guitar and what not. I can't wait! I think I may try to hit 2-3hours/day and then try to have one day where I practice for 5-8hours. It will be daunting and I'll have to make a pact to stick to it, but I think that would really help me improve as a musician.
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Yes, but ulimately you "play" a guitar and don't "work" one. LOL

Everything needs a little discipline to master.
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Everything needs a little discipline to master.

I'm just messing with you. I think equal parts discipline and joy make a good guitarist.

That said who practiced playing scales to a metronome last night? *raises hand* LOL
I did!

Yeah, you need to have fun with it. But every now and then it's a good thing to sit down and say "I need to get some of the boring stuff down" and just really practice.
I try and play for at least 1h every night. I'm in gr.9 so I have homework and chores to do so i dont get enough time as i wish.
You seem to be very methodical in your practice time, learning scales, etc.. When I started, all I really did was learn chords. That is, the only thing I got from the few weeks worth of lessons and took with me (that was three years ago) are the basic open chords.

When I started, at around 12-13, I was also in the mindset of "Man, I really want to do this." At that point, though, it was admittedly just me wanting to learn guitar because it was cool, not that I loved it as I do now. In fact, at this moment I am anxious because I am grounded from guitar today for being a smart ass last night. I am just recently picking up scales, so since you are learning them so early, that will probably help you with lead parts.

Expect what you play for a while to be choppy, especially with greater priorities such as family and income. I can't exactly relate, but I can empathize. The fact that you try and set aside time is dedication enough. Hopefully this grows into more or less a hobby (seeing as you have a job).

As for my practice, I generally play from when I get home (about 4:00 PM) until I go to bed (10:00 PM). Half of the time, I'm just noodling around and playing whatever, not trying to learn something. I have put so much time into guitar after around the 1 year mark (I can't remember much more before that, but I remember it was damn hard to motivate myself) that it has been one of the only constant activities other than the standard TV kind of thing most people do, and has become that kind of standard activity.

For your motivational problems, I cannot accurately describe what motivated me to start. I just wanted to be able to do guitar. I foregoed the lessons after the second time around (I was to be in advanced, since I picked up a lot of things since the last time, but they moved me into a combo class of beginner and advanced since there weren't enough in advanced), and since then I've been just learning whatever songs I liked in whatever styles intrigued me.

So, for motivation, take this example: You like Mountain, right? Well, you've probably enjoyed listening to them, and there is a chance that like me, you got into guitar because you wanted to be able to do what your favorite bands did. Just keep that initial intrigue and love for what you do, and you should be set. It's like, spare the cheesiness, it's all I can come up with right now, a student who looks up to a master of a martial art. They are so awed at what they see and see the master as the coolest thing on the planet. The master becomes the students idol. Naturally, the student wants to be like that idol. That's basically what is should be, fill in whatever comparisons you want.

Do it for the music.
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On a bad day maybe 6 - 7 and on a good day probably 7 - 9 hours a day.The reason for this is becuase I really trying to be able to be a very technical guitarist at best.
Just keep finding songs you like and learn them and keep going for harder ones as you progress. I tend to listen to a lot of technical music so I really practice technique through songs except for sweeping since I can't do it very well so I just practice on three string sweeps without any song playing. Otherwise I just keep trying to play newer and harder stuff. Really trying to play fast and accurate.
u guys are all so lucky T_T
i only have time to practice on the weekends, sometimes at night on weekdays, but then i always get tired after that...
and lots of times i just wander off and play some random stuff, instead of actually practicing the techniques...

i cant wait for summer!!
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3 hours + every day. I'm in grade 11, so yeh, my grades arent to great...
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Not nearly as much as id like Anywhere between 15 to 90 mins on a weeknight. Anywhere between 1 to 3 hours on a saturday/sunday.
Sounds like I'm on a somewhat in line with the rest of the newbies here. I'm doing like a lot of you. Messing around with technique and trying to learn songs I like. Songs come pretty slow to me, with the 6-10 hrs per week practice time, but I'm slowly getting there.
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