Okay, so my band consists of 6 people, a lead singer, a keyboard, lead guitar (thats me! )
A bass, and a back round guitar. The back round guitarist is kind of a beginner so he looks for the easiest way out, but the easy riff for the song we do dosen't sound right without the real one, does anybody know how I could make a pretty easy riff into a REALLY easy riff and still make it sound good??? Because my band is arguing about it and my bassist hates arguements and threatens to quit!!!!!!!
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There's no set way to do it. You have to be creative in watering it down to something that still sounds good. Skipping out certain notes might do it but you have to use your judgement on that.
Or get rid of him if he is that lazy.
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bruh, if he sucks that bad then fire him. No one is gonna wanna see ur band play if the guitarist can't even play an easy riff. Let him practice more n then come back.
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It's nice you're letting a friend that's just started into your band, but it probably isn't the best idea. Urgency isn't always a great thing. Just let him go until he learns how to play.
I'm going to have to agree with everyone else.
I had the same problem, I was brought into a band to paly lead guitar and our bassist was a good friend of mine, but we had to kick him out because he was terrible.
Probably just meant background and therefore really meant rhythm.

Anyway, I'm in a similar structured band, and the keys do a lot of stuff that makes some of my stuff obsolete. It actually makes me do more simple stuff instead of being "constantly busy." However, I'm considered more of the lead player, the rhythm is quite busy...so if he can't get up to snuff, you may want to either fast track him or rethink the arrangement.


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umm y don't u treat him as a 3rd guitarist and have him either double up on rythm with someone or just have him play chords over riffs and solos
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Thanks guys! That was a lot of help.
If you looked up the word "confused" in the dictionary, you will find a picture of me.