I am on the market for a good practice amp. I love tubes, but don't really wanna spend too much, so solid state or tube pre is the way I will have to go.

I have checked some out, and it seems I should be able to keep it at, or under $250.

I have looked at the Hughes and Kettner 60DFX, and the Roland Cube 30x. The Roland seems to be pretty popular around here.

I also want it to be fairly loud, as it could serve as a backup. My "bedroom level" is pretty high. I love to play loud. I have been usin my 50watt tube combo, but I am tired of luggin it around.

Anyway, suggestions?

Fender FM
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What style of music? The Cube is generally recommended for metal, the Vox AD series (not XL) for versitility in everything.
Tool is about as heavy as I get, so a metal-ish sound is somewhat important.