Hoh kay,
For Video Tech, our final project, has to be a five minute video. Mine happens to be on Enter Sandman. I had this really great idea of having my friend coming out of a pit of sand, and then reverse shot it so it looks like he's disintegrating into sand. Unfortunatly we have no beaches or sandy areas in our domain...

So, Pit, I was wondering if you had any ideas on how to replace this idea at the end of the song?

Need any clarification, just ask.
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Buy some sand?
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Pooping is well good though, to be fair.

I've got a handle on the fiction.

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you can go to a kiddy park where there is sand instead of that tanbark crap i hate that tanbark
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Not sure if you should be so literal to be honest. Look deeper at the meaning of the song and start from there
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Lets go ride our bikes
All ready bought sand, just we need to dig a hole for this guy to fit in and that is a bitch to find a good place or a good digging man.

Kiddy park is not a good idea.

Then the beach is a great idea if it weren't an hour away and me having no time.
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Not sure if you should be so literal to be honest. Look deeper at the meaning of the song and start from there

This is just at the very end. I mean it's not the whole video, much more meaning to be had.
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Bad idea. It's cliched.

Here's a better idea:

1. Take a standard A4 paper and paint the whole thing black.
2. Take a standard A4 (make sure it's completely white).
3. Shoot a video of someone swapping the papers very quickly between each other.
4. Play Enter the Sandman over the video.
5. ...

Ok, ignore that.

Buy sand. Travel to beaches. Either one.
Edit: To Sabu: I can't go wrong with that one, but it has to be school appropriate.
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just go to a random field and dig, sure some people would be pissed but thats what student film making is all about, fight for the right!
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go with the bitches and rides, point out how both genres are equally superficial dude, you gotta grow your hair, itd be so awsome
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Point out how stupid it is for a metal video to have "bitches and rides" and make the statement that modern mainstream hip hop is superficial.



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TS, find a big open space, dig a hole, fill the hole with your sand, and then film.