ok so on this site ive always heard that crappy woods will always make for crappy tone, no matter the pickups.

ive always believed it, but now im second guessing, because i just got a hold of my friends jackson js30rr and i like the shape but i want to replace all the hardware on it along with the neck. its made of indian cedro wood, which is probably really cheap considering its a $300 guitar.

is it even worth working on? of course it wouldnt sound as good as a guitar made of mahogany or something, but itll still sound better than before, right? like, decent sounding? i want to put something active in it, like the dave mustaine sig pickups or the SD blackouts... maybe even emgs if i have to.
i have a jackson js30ke kelly and i put in a pair of emg actives.... now idk what suits ur tonal needs and what u want to play, but for what i want to play, it sounds beautiful!
and just or the record, i never use 1 specific amp i keep changing amps (live and practice) and yet it always gives me the same beautiful sound!
(i use multi fx and single pedals, which might be one of the reasons that i get the same tone, but its not the only reason, its also the pickups)
well i dont really play just heavy metal, i play death/black/folk/viking metal.... and yeah also the classics like maiden, pantera etc... it sounds really good for that, well at least i like it ... haha
if u want to hear how it sounds then u can chk out the songs on my page
the mp3's dont have too much dist on them, but the "playing skills" section mp3s have distortion....
and one more thing... im not like alexi lahio, dimeag darrell, yngwie malmsteen or anything, so when u chk out the mp3s dont expect them to be like WOW HOLY **** DUDE... haha =P