^ This is just an acoustic based solo project I'v had for a little while. I've recorded a few EPs so far, if you like any of them, you're welcome to download any of the tracks in my blog. Feedback is appreciated!
Thank you, these days I'm trying to use more "simple" methods of playing, it was nice to write that melody, it was the first one I had written in awhile that wasn't in some crazy open tuning. :P
Yeah man, I really dig your tunes too, very heartfelt. You have a good voice too. Try and get some synth and keys if you can, its a lot of fun and you can really expand your horizons with song writing.
Do I like this alot man!! I listened to "puppy love". The guitar was really nice and the vocals where good but they went out of key here and there but you hardly notice it. I suggest singing farther away from the microphone in future recordings. Because it sounded distorted and I heard a couple pops. Could you check out my solo stuff? www.myspace.com/allornothingtunes. peace...
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Thanks guys! Yeah, my voice definatly goes off key haha, I try to control that the best I can. My mic I use too is soo ****ty so it gets distorted and such. The mic doesn't even have the cover over it, its almost completely dead haha.

Descendent, that music is all you? Its way good, its like expiremental punk, I really dig it. Great voice too!
Lol, we'll seeing as I know how to play "Crash", I can tell you that the chords are completely different shapes. I could see a possible rhythm similarity, but I use 4 chords in the opening non-fiction riff, Crash uses 5 different chords. And anyways, thousands and I mean THOUSANDS of songs use both the chords in non-fiction and Crash.