I need to buy new strings for my guitar and was just wondering what's the difference between Bronze strings and Phosphor Bronze. And how do you know if the strings are coated or not, does it say on the box or something?

Thanks in advance
the difference is just the material the strings are made of, which give you a different sound. none is better than the other, just different tonally.

as for coating... it should be mentioned on the packaging.
^ exactly -- try them both and see which you prefer. Personally, I find the phospher bronze to be a little tougher on my fingers.
I didn't mean which is better than the other, but how different the sound is (eg: this gives you a brighter sound.) I'm not really buying them, but my friend just asked me(he's the one buying) which brand to try out, I said that I heard lots of good thibngs about Martin SP strings, but then he asked me which ones, Bronze or Phosphor Bronze, I told him that I'd check and tell him later. so...
yea... just tell him to buy both. and then see which one he likes. i dont even remember the difference, lol.