I love my skinny top heavy bottom (10-52) set.
People say that neck might curve a bit...but mine didn't.
But my guitar is set by pros.
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The best gauge is whatever suits you best.

At the moment I'm using D'Addario EXL: 52 - 10 (tuned to Open C)
String gauge is a personal preference.

Skinny/Light strings are easier to bend. Heavy strings have a fuller tone (IMO). A lot of people split the difference and play with 10s. Not to light. Not too heavy.

To really understand the difference, you should buy couple sets of strings in different gauges. String up the light ones and play until you're used to them, at least a week or so, then switch gauges. This may seem like a pain in the ass, but it's probably the only way to really figure out what you like.
^+1 Experiment with various string gauges and types, different brands will react differently to your skin, lasting longer etc. Start with a 10 gauge set and work from there, decide whether you need them a bit heavier or lighter etc.