A brief history before I begin: I began playing in about the 4th grade. I played right up until I joined the Marines in 1990. Upon leaving the military, I more or less took a musical hiatus, playing very little over the next several years. Early this year I was asked to join a band. The setup I had (Randall RG-80 ('80s era) with Randall 4X12 with Jaguars and a borrowed ToneWorks AX100G) was working pretty well untill the amp just up and died in the middle of a show. In a scrambe and with little cash, I bought a Marshall MG100 HDFX. I guess it's O.K. if you like the sound of your guitar being played through a string with tin cans on either end into a karoake machine. For me, it's not the sound I want.

Here's my delimma:

I can get enough cash together for either a somewhat decent head. I'm partial to the Line 6 Spider Valve (because I can't afford a real Bogner). OR a good ME Pedal (I'm looking at either the Boss GT-10, Line 6 POD X3 Live, or the Digitech GNX4).

The type of music that we play is a heavy metal / blues / nu metal / alternative (think of Korn meets Rage meets Hendrix meets slipknot).

In your opinion, should I go with the new head (and work with the AX100 that I have now) or get a new pedal (and work with the MG100 I have now)?
When in doubt, save your money 'til you figure it out.

Make do with what you have, and save up for the Bogner. Multi-effect pedals are a huge waste of money.
The AX100 was a cool sounding pedal if i remember.. and nothing seems to make marshall mgs sound any better
Shut up and play your guitar!
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How much money do you have to spend?

I'm looking at about $700, definitely not more than $1,000.