right ive just got the thing today and i plugged it in looked through manual and i cant get a sound out of it, only when i really crank my amp and i get a real low end signal of my guitar sound. iv read the manual and it says nothing. i cant even bypass is in my change i dont understand any one any ideas?
Try adjusting the volume controls on the Digitech itself... sometimes there are more than one... other than that try it on another amp and see if it works....
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tryed it nothing seems to have effect, i can here the metronome slightly but there no volume hardly at all.
and also i cant get the peek light to signal at all and input nob has little effect.
Try changing the batteries. Or using a different adaptor (check that the voltages match and that the power supply gives at least as much mA as the pedal needs - more is ok. Voltages have to match.).
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yea i'm thinkin it mite be a battery problem!
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there are 3 volumes you need to check. Instrument input level, rhythm level and loop output level.
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