I just got a new saddle for my no name acoustic and instead of the whole thing being equal in width, one end is much thinner than the other. Is the thin end for the high or low strings?
With width you mean off course the heigth. Or not?
Err...lay the guitar flat on its back, soundhole facing up. Now you'll find that the saddle piece doesn't have the same heigth across it's width (width as in the direction from one side of the guitar to the other) If so, the high side should go underneath the lower strings and vice versa.
If it is something else you mean, please be more specific.

(And btw. There are some complications involved that make swapping one bridge piece for another not as straightforward as one might think. Please take no offense when I say that your confusing nomenclature and the basic nature of the information you seek makes me think there is a fair chance that you are going to mess up your guitar instead of repairing it. If the saddle piece is not EXACTLY the same in all dimensions as the old one, you may need to know a bit more of this subject than can be explained in a few words.)
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