You may or may not have seen the original one.

Also, if anyone wants to know the name of the music, like me, it is The Drill-The Drill.

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Viking fact no. 1: Viking helmets did not have horn.
Viking fact no. 2: Vikings tobogganed on their shields into battle.
Viking fact no. 3: Vikings drank mead.
Viking fact no. 4: One of your ancestors are likely to have been raped by a viking.
Lol, i was raving to that.
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Tell me when thy band shall return to mark a schedueled performance on my nearest venue's door!
Quoth teh Loomis, "Nevermore".

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Yet another cruel thing done to a cat in the pursuit of hilarity.

I salute you, sir.
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Poor creature =/

I still lol'd though

what! that cat was tripping balls....FOR FREE!

poor me....i have to pay for that sh!t.
"Where the Beatles wanted to hold your hand, the Stones wanted to fuck your sister or daughter"

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