B.O.R(ska punk type tune)

Little ray had so many plans and dreams
When he was young
He never thought that he would be
the man that he's become
But now he's here with all his missed opurtunities
Failed attempts, and all his brocken dreams

Life doesn't always go the way that you planned it
Make a couple wrong turns and it all goes to ****
And now you look back on the past
wonder how the hell it went by so fast
And still to this day you don't know where you went wrong

"So many tries, So many failed attempts.
Your chances they are slim"
That's what they said to him
But he just kept pushin on
Tellin' himself they were wrong
Now look where he's gone

He didn't need the fame
He didn't need the fortune
Just give him a guitar and an amp
Crank up the ****ing distortion!!!!!

End... Crit 4 Crit
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Okay we all know you got the basis of punk lyrics by now.

You need to start injecting some wit into them, some sort of spark that is going to mark you unique from the thousands (thousands) out there that are writing the same thing as you.

Taking a leaf from (limited punk music tastes) of the early greenday. "Warning" will do, it's smart enough in it's wording to warrant some credit. It uses satire in this case. (sorry for generalising the whole punk scene, but I am guessing you know the song).

I just have seen you write the same bog-standard punk songs for so long. It's time to grab your writing by the balls now and start spunking over the words.


A comment back would be appreciated if you got round to it, the latest in my sig. Thanks if you could.
i like it man. i like how it tells a story, as most ska does. im REALY into B.O.T.A.R., streetlight manifesto, and catch 22 (only keadsby nights tho). i just like tomas k. and his style you know? i congradulate you on being in a ska band because its hard to get all those horns in there. but going back to the song, i dont think that the name suits it. the last verse i think is a sick way to close it out. just end it on a A power chord as you say distortion or something like that. all in all, i like it. you think you could put your two sense into my lyrics here? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=853345