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7 19%
4 11%
22 59%
1 3%
1 3%
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2 5%
Voters: 37.
I like 24.75
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It's not the size of it that matters, it's what you do with it that counts. And most guitarists can only feel the first five inches or so.
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For reference:

24.75" - Gibson Les Paul, SG

25" - PRS Standard 22

25.5" - Fender Stratocaster, Ibanez RG

26.5" - 7-string

27" - Baritone
25.5" for me. But really it isn't a huge deal.
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My Baritone has a scale length of 26.5, and I like it very much.
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I normally prefer 24.75" scale, but I must admit once I get past the 17th fret, 24.75 becomes to small for my fingers and I find 25.5" scale is much easier to use at those higher frets. I'm desperate to try a 25" scale guitar, hoping it's the right balance for me between the two.
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I voted 25, but I actually like 25.1 the best. Because that's the scale length my guitar has, and I've never really found one I like more.
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25.5 is the most comfortable for me. also 25.5 guitars usually have jumbo frets which make it even better