The best SS amp ever made? State your opinion? I got 3 tube amps, and I'm considering investing in a good SS amp.
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Hmm... Roland Jazz Chorus? It hugely depends on what you want and what you play.
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why even bothering yourself with SS amp if you have 3 tube amps already? xD
better sell them and get a even better tube amp
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not an amp, but a preamp, so far is the best SS device I've heard on the market IMO. Fractal Audio's AxeFX. It's the closest I've heard to the an actual tube amp, so far. I can't bring myself to spend 1700 bucks on a SS modeler, but it surpasses anything else I've heard in the digital market.
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imo the rockman line of preamps and effects are the best you can get.

and the A12-50 is a great little recording amp
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Again, not an entire amp (just a preamp), but Tech21's SansAmp PSA 1.1 gets my vote.
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The best? I have no idea. But after I score a Krank Rev. Jr. I plan on adding a Vetta for variety.
it would be that thing bb king uses. i dont remember the name. it sounds like a twin reverb though.
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Definitely not the jazz chorus.
The old marshall mosfets are pretty good. So are the gibson lab series.
^No, it's not.
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He uses gibson Lab amps, the 5 series IIRC.
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PRS HG-70?

*is intrigued*
Is that a modeller or what?
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Definitely not the jazz chorus.
The old marshall mosfets are pretty good. So are the gibson lab series.

+1, I've heard good things about the old mosfets.
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I would say some sort of Hughes & Kettner. Maybe the Switchblade, but there's probably one that's better.
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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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*is intrigued*
Is that a modeller or what?

Some of you may have heard of the PRS HG-70 Harmonic Generator. In the early 90s, PRS set out to design a top-fight guitar amp using transistor technology, and the PRS HG-70 Harmonic Generator was the result, without doubt one of the sweetest, warmest solid-state guitar amps ever made.

The Harmonic Generator's circuitry was designed primarily by Eric Pritchard, currently of Pritchard Amps, and was innovative in two key ways. First was the use of a harmonic generator (surprise!) that was used to add additional harmonics to the amp's basic tone to create a lively, more tube-like sound and response to playing touch. Secondly, the PRS HG-70 was one of the very few transformer output-coupled transistor amps ever designed. In essence, it actually utilized an output transformer, much like a tube amp. However, after PRS dropped the amplifier project, Pritchard remained convinced that a solid state amplifier could sound like the classic amplifiers. With this conviction, Deja Vu Audio was born which later developed into Pritchard Amps.

Only 350 or so made. They had one at a shop near me, but I never got a chance to try it out.
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I would say some sort of Hughes & Kettner. Maybe the Switchblade, but there's probably one that's better.

The switchblade is tube. It does sound pretty processed and lifeless though, so I can see how you would be confused.
I actually love good quality solid states. I've used a tube amp for about 3 or 4 months and its great, but just recently i've been going back to my old solid states. that Torque T100TR i used to use would be damn near perfect if it wasn't so muffled sounding. I also have a marlin thing thats pretty nice sounding. Older solid states seem to be a hell of a lot better than more recent amps like the Marshall MG. I dream of owning a MOSFET. honestly, i have some serious GAS for a lead 100 MOSFET.
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i have an early 2000 mosfet kustom amp. great sound. well its far from thebest solid state.. the best solid i've heard would have to be an old Sunn alpha 212 reverb.. early 70's amp. truly awesome
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The one that was converted into a cab for a tube amp. JK, I'm voting with Mr. Hankey. He knows his stuff.
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