my band is playing in an open air concert and i found that my guitar goes out of tune realy easy
my guitar:
and i was planning on fitting my guitar with some locking nuts
is this a good idea? or are there any other ways of keeping it in tune?
you'd have better luck with locking tuners. I hear that a rolling bridge also helps, but I think that's geared more towards people with a Bigsby.
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lol your guitar is flaming...

But seriously that is cool looking. Epi? Can't read the headstock...

Um, I would reccomend this:

That's a guitar a friend of mine has and I would definitely buy one if I had the cash handy. has locking nuts and a FR
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A locking nut is 99% useless and 100% stupid if you don't have fine tuners on the bridge. Locking tuners, on the other hand, are a fantastic idea.
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yeah it is a epi

and thanks for the help wheres the best place to get some locking tuners in the uk?
Locking tuners, and perhaps a better nut. The tuners alone would do it though.

Just checking, are you stretching your strings when you change them?
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Yea locking tuners would work wonders. A cheaper alternative is tightening the screw that holds the butterfly-shaped knob on to the tuner. That will tighten the grip and cause the strings not to go out of tune so easily when you bend strings or play for a while. This will also make it more stiff when you to go tune, but its fine.

On a further note, everyone's guitars go out of tune. In fact, my band and i played a show right near the ocean when it was cloudy and the humidity was high. We tuned up and not 1 song later we were all out of tune, so we re-tuned. Just saying, it happens to everyone and it's worse when you are outside imo.

Good luck though and have fun!
I second tightening the screw on the tuner but also be sure to do a lock on your string when you put new strings on, this works wonders for the 4 thinner strings on any guitar but I would probably go with locking tuners if I was playing a concert...
or even a new guitar...because those are always fun haha