I dont know if you remember but im the the guy thas was going to buy a guitar in Usa and bring to Portugal...everything went just fine and now i have my Epiphone LP standard in my hands, but ir there is one problem: im having the Set Up problem that everyone has, but i donT want to spent my last euros by taking the guitar to a shop. My problem is that when i play the guitar without being connected to amp my string even openly(?) but most on the power cords buzz aa lot. I think that this is related to the bridge, but i have already tryed some thing and it didnt change nothing .
Could you help me?

What you will want to do is check which frets are causing the buzz. In my experience anything fret 1-3 is a nut slot height problem, 3-7 is a truss rod adjustment and 7 upwards will need a brige height adjustment. This is not doctrine but Iv found over the years that most of the time thats where to look first.
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