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---The Sunburnt Penguin---

Stop. Wait.
I'm about to birth another miracle.
World Peace?
I say nay, what fun would that be?
Instead, look to the sky,
tap your foot and twidle your thumbs until
I descend; cumulus style.
I'll cure cancer with AIDS,
rid the world of obesity with heart attacks,
and stop global warming with an ice age.
you'll comprehend what I have:
sometimes to stop rape,
you have to offer a new orifice.

He scribed my name, but never knew me.
Wake! Likened eyes.
Recite your dream to the limelight
leaking between boughs of buds,
the blindside of a blur
and nights of enlightenment.
Senses lean,
brash and unfocused upon a starling morn.
‘I swear then, I saw the rooftops measure time’,
from behind smokestacks journeyed a lulling sun --
a rotation erred,
it bore the monogram of scorn upon
a lessened eye,
insight -
I shouldn’t have taken flight
to graze the sunken cobblestone
with the right of a fool
so clumsy as to walk with spineless form
against so many, blessed,
to maintain a steady climb.
From behind sunken hats levied a
glazing pale;
a rotation erred,
and palled a monogram
upon an intrinsic cairn.
In hindsight,
I should have taken leave
at my own lifeless wake,
just one second later.

A forsaken tree sits upon
a frozen, barren field;
limbs undulating
in the wild winter wind.

The only adornment clings to a branch.
The hand-woven weave,
a patterned pink and white,
flutters like a flag,
providing a small flicker of hope,
brightening an otherwise dismal scene.

She Sells Sea Shells

She tried to paint me in primary
but I still came out black and whiter
than the marble that she's made of.
She's next to me, blistering
from twisting on medicine caps
of bottles that were empty all along,
grinning and grinding the teeth
that she was born into.
I dug out a hole for her.
More than she'd ever do for me,
but less than I would do for myself.
It was perfect in dimension like
the skin that she has stretched
so that she'll never bare her bones..
Marked, maimed, and deemed
extra unordinary, I caught her
masquerading as a trainwreck,
and have to admit that even I
had to look twice. I think
that she's exactly
what I need.
Once this is done, can somebody tell me who wrote blue please?