Hmm which one to choose for my practice needs at home? I play mostly stuff like metallica, avenged sevenfold, guns n roses, the white stripes, raconteurs, blink 182, acdc, black sabbath, etc.

By the way I also have a metal muff petal and I play through an Ibanez sz520 and soon an Agile AL 2000. The effects on the cube seem tempting as well... but which one is an overall better purchase?
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I'd go with the crate and use the metal muff with it.
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Also if I do decide to go with the Crate over the Roland... would it be a good or bad move to get a Digitech rp250 for effects I would be missing out on? Like I said it's just for home use and all.. I won't be gigging or playing in a band anytime soon.