So on my fender strat, which has HSS, I decided to do something similar to this:


To sum up: He uses push/pull pots to do Series and Parrallel, he also has a phase switch for the middle pick up.

The differences: I have a HSS, also I had an ON/ON/ON switch with the humbucker that then fed into a phase switch. Also I used switches instead of the two push/poll pots. Besides that, I wired it exactly as the page states.

My problem: The two series/parrallel *AND* phase switches turn off the sound completely depending on the what setting the 5 way selector at. What am I doing wrong? I tried removing both phase switches, still the series/parrallel switches turn off the sound completely in some of the settings. I also tried using my two tones as series/parrallel benders, *STILL* they would turn off the sound completely in some locations.

So what am I doing wrong?
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No suggestions?

To add: i have 2 texas specials, the bridge is a pearly gates. The guitar goes completely quiet when I turn the phase switch(bridge) whenever it is in position 5 or 4 (bridge or bridge+mid). Also the guitar goes quiet in position 3,4,5 when i turn the parrallel blender all the way up.

Well. This is my best attempt at modifying the previous schematic. I removed the phase switch that i had to the bridge, and left the other switches in.

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Looks like I may need to find another mod to do instead of this one. Damn my excessive need for switches.
Alexexplorer has similar diagrams. But the page you just referenced has nothing on doing parrallel or series with switches/push-pull pots.