Hi guys i was wondering if there was a way to learn how to learn scales properly which is easy to understand?

Ive only every used scales for building speed and getting my fingers nimble. Ive tried to learn to true meaning of how they help to make songs etc.

But all the lessons ive looked at seem like complete jibberish to me. This is obviously because im self taught and dont really know about music theory and normally just learn songs by ear or tab.

So im askin if there is an easy, interesting, fun way to get to know how to use scales properly???

Apologies for rambling on!

Your help is appreciated!

of course there's a "proper way" but that way is complicated.

if you go by ear and make it sound good, its just as good. that way its easy
The easiest way is to make it "fun" is to find songs or write your own licks that use the scales you are working on.
There are good books out there that do this as well as explain the theory behind it.
Books by Steve Bailey are quite good. Playing the lessons might be easy for you, but you want the theory to sink in.
learn to recognize songs in scales, and scales by songs. I learned the blues scale through 'Sunshine of Your Love'
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