So what I've been learning is that most of a bands sound comes from it's amp. Then after that it's the guitar. But really doesn't MOST of the sound just depend on what the hell your playing? Here's my question:

Even if you have a pretty Metal sounding amp and guitar, you still wont sound metal unless you play the music style right? What i'm getting at is since I'm pretty new to guitar I don't know if I want to really spend a crapload of money on a new Guitar and Amp, only to find that once i get better and can start to hear tones differently, and play better/different styles that it was a waste.

I'm sure most of you guys have seen my posts about what I play with, Fender Telecaster and a Crate GFX-15. They're ok for normal playing and to learn with which is what I'm doing now, but I'm starting to get good enough to actually start playing the music I like (heavier metal type music). I'm just kinda trying to figure out a game plan because even if i get a new amp, with the guitar I have it still wont sound how I want it will it? Swapping pick ups on the guitar isn't an option either.

Edit - Oh ya, what about pedals?
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If you want to start playing heavier music, you're probably going to want a guitar with humbuckers. It doesn't have to be anything spectacular, just something more suited to heavier music.
There is no easy answer. All the things you mentioned affect tone. Try a lot of different equipment and pick the combination that sounds best to your ears. Then as your skill increases it will sound even better.
Do you guys know of any good small tube amps like a 30Watter that is affordable and sounds good for metal? If it's just that i need to buy a pedal to make it sound metal then I'm cool with that I think. Although i've never used a pedal before or bought one. Or for that matter looked to see what kinds are out there :P