I'm having problems with this thing. It works perfectly fine in Stereo but in Mono nothing, only a high pitch very low volume wierd sound coming out of it. Does anybody here have an idea of what could this be or even better, how can it be fix?
Any help will be appreciated.
Tha cab has input and output in the back. And the amp has only one out.
I was going to buy the cab from a guy, but on my way there he called me and told me that he couldn't get it to work on mono and that in stereo was making a lot of noise. And instead of selling it he gave it to me. He mentioned the crossover maybe being bad.
Since it used to work in stereo, I think that rules out jacks being loose or anything else that would be easy to fix, so it probably is something to do with the wiring for the mono/stereo switch.
The best advice for you would be to get it to a guitar shop or someone who knows electronics.