i am actually getting to be really interested in this discipline, i used the search bar, and nothing came up about how to begin. Does anyone on UG do this? i want to start, and any tips or advice will help.
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You can always go on youtube. I saw some cool stuff there earlier this week.
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tip, spell it right, parkour
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It's an unofficial hobby of mine. Make sure you're very fit and in shape. I nearly dislocated my shoulder after a 20 foot jump, which is nothing compared to what the pros do. Really, it takes a ton of time and practice. If you're the kind of person who doesn't make serious commitments, don't even bother.
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There are a few people as attend my gymnastics sessions who are into it, I suggest find a gym where you can practice without hurting yourself.
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I work on it sometimes just because it's cool. Plus it keeps me in pretty good shape. Work on getting on your roof first though.