I dont know much about him so ima copy whats written on the youtube page!

Zé Filho was born in Recife-PE, Brazil but when he was 8 years old he moved to João Pessoa-PB, Brazil, when he still lives. He began to study music in the Conservatory of Music at Federal University of Paraiba-UFPB. He studied classic guitar during 4 years and then started to dedicate to popular music. At 16, he began to play the electric guitar, instrument in which he was always self-taught.

The guy palys some nice fusion/rock i myself find some Howe/Kotzen influences in the music among many others!
I like it; I heard quite a bit of Vai in those sweeps he does.
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I found out about him on the guitaridol site. Some insane guitarists there. Its funny cause the people with the most votes arent actualy that good at all! But the idol forum has some threads about people with good songs and low votes.

I have to make an aditional comment!

This guy is reayl nice...ive asked him for a backing and he gave me the backing+ tabs for the song!
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