I need a new pickup soon (my Duncan JB is on loan) and was considering a Bill lawrence from here http://www.billlawrence.com

I was wondering how it would work with squier strat HSS and later, a ibanez or epiphone in mahogany.

Also, I was wondering how to order them and how much they would cost including shipping to the uk.

My fav band is lamb of god and devildriver so thats the kinda tone im going for. My amp is a soon to be upgraded Peavey Transtube Rage 158

Thanks in advance
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your pickup is on loan? or the whole guitar?
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Just the pickup cos the stock pickup was naff and used to not believe that tone was much to do with the guitar and a wall of marshall stacks was the only way to sound good :P.
what the hell....

this would be perfect for a "LOL wut" pear
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I have a friend who absolutely swears by Bill Lawrence pickups, saving up for some myself actually. perfect for strats