im a begginner at guitar i can plaw a few songs and how good should ii get before i get a distortion pedal
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don't think this is the place to post this thread :-D but it's never to soon if you are into heavy music (rock / metal / alternative etc) you are more likely to stick with it with a distortion box.... when i was in school (long time ago :-\) i watched as most of the guy that started playing guitar gave up because all they had was an acoustic guitar and lost interest in it :-(
I think that the most dangerous trap for a beginner is forking out cash to buy a stompbox/multi-effect, have no idea how to use it, and then spend their time learning how to use an effect rather then improve on their skills. I was once trapped by this idea until i realised that effects don't make me a better player, they only make me sound great/crap.

If you're a starting beginner I seriously recommend you hold off effects for a year or tow and learn techniques, practising your scales and learn your chords. Then after that you can focus your time on effects. Getting a distortion now would be, in my opinion would be a bad idea because you would be covering up your mistakes and accidental string 'twangs' with the crunchyness of a distortion and you would be rocking out a call yourself a God whilts in reality, you're making heaps of mistakes if you where on clean (hell thats what happened to me :-))

but if you just can't wait, get a behcrapinger (behringer) or any disto thats like under $30 and won't break the bank or just go all out and grab a DS-1
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