Title says it all.

Which is the overall better overdrive pedal?
Currently using:
B.C. Rich NJ Deluxe Jr. V
B.C. Rich Revenge Warlock
Bugera 6262 212 120 Watt amp :

Coming soon:
B.C. Rich Pro X Mockingbird Hardtail
If weren't talking about the BBE Green Screamer here, T-Rex no contest.
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^ Agreed. There's a problem if one of your pedals costs more than your amp.
I've only heard the BBE in clips, so I can't really speak for that one, but I own the T-Rex Møller and I've tried the Alberta and the Mudhoney. The Møller is a my favorite TS-clone, but the Mudhoney is more versatile, and it can even get fuzz-like tones on certain settings. But as people have said, in your situation it would be better to save up for a new amp than to buy an expensive pedal.