Anyone know anything about them? I picked one up, its all scratched, and broken pickguard and stuff, but it was free

Another far east, Korean I believe, guitar and bass knock off company, mainly dealing in Gibson knock offs (Les Pauls, SGs etc) and the usual Fender lot.

http://www.guitarsite.com/ is a site that you may want to check out. I haven't plowed through the badly designed pages yet, but they appear to have a rather rag tag collection of info on off brands.
well you definitely got your money's worth. i couldn't find any info, but any free bass is a good bass. fix it up and play it. when you decide to upgrade, give it to someone else. post some pic's! i'd love to see it.
I'll post pics when I get a chance, it needs a new pickguard, its a nice looking bass, short scale to