Ypu can add more mids or bass to your eq? You can try new pick ups too... thicker strings?
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I think it's probably a combination of things.

1.) A bright Fender amp

2.) The EMG-81

Swap the pickup and you'll be good, I think.

Also, what tubes do you use?
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Emg 81's are really pretty bright. use the neck pickup instead. Also, fenders are pretty brightly voiced.
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Yeah, it's the bright pickup through the bright amp. The only reason I don't like fender amps. Lose the pickup or the amp and replace it with a SD or a tube amp.

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I think it's largely due to the RP250, to be honest. Although I don't have any experience with the exact pedal, multi- effects pedals are generally thin and harsh- sounding. I have the same problem with the tone my band's other guitarist gets running an SG Standard through a Boss ME-50 and a Valveking. No amount of EQ-ing can fix it.

Obviously though, the EMG's aren't helping. Swapping them out for Blackouts wouldn't be much of a help, but putting passives in a guitar that's already routed for actives would be a bit of a waste.
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well i use the tubes that came with the amp, which are grooves i believe. im going to get blackouts sometime tho to rpelace the emgs, good idea?

Ewww.. No to the Blackouts. That would make a terrible combination with the Fender amp. Just get a low-mid output passive pickup, like a PAF, or maybe a Duncan JB.

Try swapping the tubes with something of higher quality, like JJ for the power amp and Tung Sol for the preamp.
Now it's 1984
Knock knock at your front door
It's the suede denim secret police
They have come for your un-cool niece
It IS your gear, to be specific the amp. Fenders are bright and piercing, that's what they do best.

I'd just get a different amp to be honest, doesn't sound like the Hot rod is right for you at all.
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