Well, they are two completely different guitars, what LP? Just the standard? I'd rather the Les Paul because they are versitile and timeless and do everything with grace. I've only had bad experiences with the Edge 3 Tremelo and wouldnt wish the issues I had on anyone else.
My lead guitar player plays that Ibanez, and I sport an Epiphone Les Paul custom, so this is perfect for me. I like the way the epiphone feels better than the ibanez, but if you're going for one, get the studio instead of the custom. There's a lot more you can do with a studio as far as range of tone goes.
With ALL gear, it's really what works for you. In this case where the guitars are so different, go by feeling
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yeah just try them out for yourself really... i have an ibanez RG4EXQM1 and i absolutely love it, i havn't had any problems with the edge 3 bridge and mine stays in tune quite well... i dont like LPs because the necks are too thick for me unlike the ibanez which has the wizard neck and that is absolutely amazing; its so thin and fast
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