Me and two other guys (2 guitars one bass) are learning acoustic songs to do at a local coffee shop by my house. tell me if this lineup sounds good:

All The Same = Sick Puppies
Hearts Burst Into Fire= Bullet For My Valentine
Beyond The Sun = Shinedown
45 = Shinedown
Swing Life Away = Rise Against
Shed Some Light = Shinedown
My Hero = Foo Fighters
Everlong = Foo Fighters
Reading Rainbow = Rhett and Link
Wales & Badgers = Rhett and Link
Seize The Day = Avenged Sevenfold
Shimmer = Fuel
Hemorrhage= Fuel
Mercy Me = Alkaline Trio
No It Isn’t = +44
Hallelujah = Paramore
Pouring Reign = As Blood Runs Black

We have several originals too. But just tell me if its good or if there any other songs i should add, but try to avoid classic rock stuff.
its a pretty sick line up, ay!!!
maybe if you choose a jack johnson song that nobody knows, and funk it up...
if your bassist is pretty good, you could choose a chili pepper song like ' i could have lied' off BLOOD SUGAR SEX MAJIK. And i no u didnt want to go classic, but if you did patience by guns 'n' roses, mabes...
nyways , the line up is good,
rock on and out,

(( K ))

Im not familiar with most(all) of this music, but Im thinking maybe switch up the order so you dont do two from the same artist in a row, so keep the variation going really.
Good luck with this eh
Is there gonna be vocals?
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^--I hope so. Songs like Swing Life Away and 45 are gonna sound very boring without. Anyways, theres a lot of songs im not familar with but theres a few that i love. Good luck.
yeah theres gonna be vocals, and the songs listed are in no particular order. also i was thinking about doing aplogize by one republic.