Hey guys,

I'm new here and i really love this site. I really need a guitar and have a summer job lined up where I'll be saving up for one. However, they are just too expensive on a student's budget T_T. (loans/rent/books/tuition)......so..........

I was wondering if anyone would like to donate a dollar to me^^ (for the love of the instrument and to help a poor guy out). I figured if enough people gave me just one dollar, id save up for the guitar a lot faster. You guys think it i will work? Anyone willing to give one dollar for the cause?

I'm not asking for your money right now lol...just wondering how many people would respond positively. Oh feel free to flame or call me a broke loser...but i simply can't afford a decent guitar right now T_T. (getting a POC just dosn't make sense cause I'll only be needing one guitar that will last for a looooooooooggggg time)

I know.....giving 1 dollar to a 3rd world country is a better cause......but i was just wondering if anyone would sympathyze with a guy whose been in love with guitars/rock for a long time but has never had the resources to get one.

haha if you read this far and didn't close it thinking it was a scam, i thank you^^
again, not asking for money but just wondering....
hmmm may sign-up date, asking for money... erm... NO *reported*
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